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Sunday 4th September 9:30 amCafe Eucharist
The Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity
Cafe Eucharist

Come and join us in the School for a less formal service that includes breakfast!

This is a great opportunity to find out more about the sort of people we are and you will recive a very friendly and warm welcome.  Bring along a friend or neighbour1

Parish CommunionSunday 11th September 9:30 am
The Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity

In Mark’s account of Peter’s confession of Jesus as Messiah, there is no subsequent ‘On this rock I shall build my church’. Instead Jesus’ response here is not so much to trust Peter and endow him with authority, but rather to proceed to a prediction about his passion and resurrection. Peter objects and is rebuked for having a human agenda.

Stronger words follow for us all: we are to take up our own crosses and endure whatever the world throws at us, never flinching from holding to and living by the confession like the one Peter has just made.

Parish CommunionSunday 18th September 9:30 am
The Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity

Again Jesus foretells his death and resurrection to his disciples, before returning to Capernaum, the closest thing to a ‘base camp’ that he had. Peter and his family lived there, and in his house the disciples surreptitiously argue about who will be senior in the Kingdom of heaven.

Jesus can tell, but having been angry with Peter recently, he is more patient this time, preferring to illustrate his teaching by involving a little child who was presumably playing nearby. It is a touching, fundamentally human illustration of a divine paradox: that children are significant and the first shall be last and the last first.

Parish CommunionSunday 25th September 9:30 am
The Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity

Having gently put a child among the disciples to illustrate the divine paradox of greatness, Jesus threatens them and their successors in faith with words that ring out even today when the church has been associated with child abuse and negligence. The calling to ministry can be a heavy burden, with great responsibility, but failure is not an option.  Punishment and rebuke will be severe. Rather, they are to maintain the salty focus of faith and vocation, and always care for the little ones, united in mutual peace and encouragement. For anyone who is not against them is for them.

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