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Family ServiceSunday 2nd October 9:30 am
The Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity - HARVEST SERVICE


Parish CommunionSunday 9th October 9:30 am - Harvest Festival
The Twentieth Sunday after Trinity

Today we celebrate our Harvest Festival and are mindful of others throughout the world who are much less fortunate than ourselves. We are joined by Revd Andrew Bigg from Paris and we will be focusing on the Diocese of Chichester Harvest Appeal - Rebuilding Lives.

This year our Harvest Supper is in the Village Hall and we welcome all our friends to join us at
5:30 pm.

Parish CommunionSunday 16th October 9:30 am
The Twenty-first Sunday after Trinity

In the figure of St Luke we celebrate the gifts of artists, scientists, doctors, butchers and other professions who claim him as patron saint. Most of all, he is the church’s historian: the teller of the life of Paul and the expositor of the gospel for the Gentiles especially.

Author of half of the New Testament, he is the most influential writer in history, and his presentation of parables in particular has given us some of the greatest and most well known inspirational stories known to humankind. What a great work was wrought in and by him in Jesus Christ.

Parish CommunionSunday 23rd October 9:30 am
The Last Sunday after Trinity - Bible Sunday

The Bible is the most sold book in history. It is the most banned book in the world. It is a dangerous book, but gives great comfort and inspiration for living. It is found in hotels, prisons, airports and schools, and can be used for recording family history.

It is the Word of God in written form, and can be treated with reverence or contempt, read literally or metaphorically. No one can doubt its influence or its beauty, its unity and its diversity.

Bible Sunday focuses on all this and more. On the other hand, every Sunday is Bible Sunday, so central is it to Christian liturgy, hymnody and life.

Parish CommunionSunday 30th October 9:30 am
The Fourth Sunday before Advent

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