St Thomas the Apostle, Parish Church of Groombridge, East Sussex, United Kingdom Diosese of Chichester

October 2016 Newsletter 
from Revd Sharon Francis

Revd Sharon Francis






Dear Friends

Rebuilding Lives:  Encouraging Community

Last year, St Thomas’ Church joined other churches in Sussex in raising over £30,000 to help our brothers and sisters in West Africa whose families and communities had been devastated by Ebola.  This year, we are continuing to help these people to rebuild their future.  Bishop Mark of Horsham writes:

The heart-rending scenes of Ebola-stricken towns and villages have left our television screens. The struggle for children and families, traumatised by bereavement and loss of security, does not make headline news but it remains the daily reality for many of the people with whom the Diocese of Chichester is linked. Families, some of whom have lost their bread-winners, or their children and their livelihood, need to rebuild their lives. Schools, businesses, clinics and other facilities have all to be re-established after forced closure and local economies need to be reconstructed.

Please join us in supporting this Harvest Appeal.

Harvest Festival:  Sunday 9 October

9.30 am    Harvest Family Service
5.30 – 7.30 pm  Harvest Supper in the Village Hall - everyone welcome.

Both the Collection from the service and any profits from the Supper will go to this Diocesan Harvest Appeal.  Please join with us in sharing our good gifts with others at this Harvest-time.

Every blessing,
Sunday 9 October 5.30 – 7.30 pm in the Village Hall
Everyone welcome

Come and join us for a Groombridge Village ‘harvest home’ supper and entertainment.  Tickets are £5 and include the first glass of wine/juice; school age children £2.  Please ensure to book your place with Mary Hunt (864217) so that we have an idea of numbers for catering.  Thank you.

TOOLS WITH A MISSION   Did you know that we have a collection point in the village for this charity?  TWAM renovates hand tools for crafts and gardening, and sends them to Africa where they enable people to support themselves and their families.   Please contact Sheila Jones on 01892 864117.
AUCTION  St Thomas’ Church is hoping to hold an Auction in the new year, to raise further funds towards our Church Organ Appeal.  You may like to bear this in mind if you are clearing things at home.  Date to be announced.


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