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May 2016 Newsletter from Revd Sharon Francis

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Revd Sharon Francis

                                                     May 2016

Dear Friends

What is Prayer?

Many of us turn to prayer in times of great need or personal crisis. We turn to prayer - we turn to God - as a last resort, when all other earthly options have failed us. God understands this. It is what his people have always done. And he loves us back into a relationship with him. That is what prayer is. It is not about us offering God a list of things we want sorted and hoping that God joins in with us. It is about our trusting that God is creating and re-creating all things good and we join with him in that ongoing work in the world.

‘Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done’.

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have called on all churches to use the week before Pentecost (9 – 15 May) as a Week of Prayer for our communities. In this village we will be doing a Prayer Walk that week – that doesn’t mean we walk around with our eyes closed! Rather, we will go out singly or in pairs, and ask God’s blessing on each street and area of our village. In some cases we know of certain needs, and in other situations the needs are known only to God. At school, we will also be remembering our village in our daily assemblies.

As God sent the Holy Spirit into the lives of the disciples at Pentecost, so we are going out to offer this gift of love to our community. The Week of Prayer concludes with a special service to celebrate the life of our community on Pentecost Sunday, 15th May at 9.30 am, where a warm welcome awaits you.

Please come along.

Every Blessing, 




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