St Thomas the Apostle, Parish Church of Groombridge, East Sussex, United Kingdom Diosese of Chichester

Breaking News Thursday 7th June

At some time between 6 pm last evening and 8.30 am this morning St Thomas’ Church Groombridge was broken in to.  A plain leaded light window was smashed with a small stainless steel border spade (not belonging to the church), which provided access.  They forced open the kitchen door, and there was a failed attempt to enter the Sacristy.   One of the sheds outside was also broken into.

As far as we can tell at this stage nothing has been stolen.

When I arrived both doors had been unlocked from the inside and were wide open. 

If you saw or heard anything suspicious, please contact Rev Sharon on 01892 864265.  Thank you.

Revd Sharon Francis MA BTh - The Vicarage, 4 The Close, Corseley Road, Groombridge TN3 9SE
Telephone 01892 864265
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